Tuesday, 15 November 2016

No Badgers, but....

Chris Mather, a member of the Lancashire badger group, who was up holidaying at Salen last week, writes, "We had a good week and saw plenty of wildlife. Sadly, the local badgers didn't put in an appearance even though every comment in the visitors' book mentioned badgers coming in to the garden.

"We did however find plenty of evidence of badgers at Achateny beach. We found two quite large entrances right down on the beach that I can only think were created by badgers as the shape and size fit. Also, pretty much every cow pat in the area was upturned or scratched at to get at the grubs underneath, which is a common badger trait.

After finding the entrances I thought I'd return to confirm my thoughts that badgers were in the area by setting up some trail cameras outside the entrances. Sadly no badgers appeared so they may have moved on, as you have said they seem to be more nomadic in this area. They could however have just been sleeping off a couple of cold and wet nights which they tend to do at this time of year."

However, Chris saw plenty of other wildlife while he was on Ardnamurchan, including this pine marten which came for the peanuts he had left out for the badgers.

Chris also took some superb pictures of red deer.

Many thanks to Chris for pictures & story.

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