Friday, 25 November 2016

McPhees Return

It was very good this afternoon to welcome Darryl and Tracey McPhee to Ormsaigbeg. Darryl and Tracey live in Adelaide, Australia, and are in the UK touring the country - but with a special stop here, at the Twin's House, from where Darryl's family originally came.

The croft which Darrly's family owned must be the smallest in Ormsaigbeg, a postage-stamp of land upon which a family could not hope to survive without some of them going out to work - and Darryl's great-grandfather left home at the tender age of 13 to join the merchant navy, embarking on a voyage to Australia from which he did not return.

Darryl's family story is told on the Diary here.


  1. Thanks Jon for all your help, it was great visiting Kilchoan and where my ancesters lived. Keep up the good work.

  2. It was good to meet you, Darryl. Hope to see you back here some day. Jon

  3. Thanks Jon for providing my brother Darryl with information on our ancestral home. Darryl and Tracey showed as some of the photos from their recent visit. Special thanks to Moira (hope I have her name correct) for the information she provided during their visit. My wife Cathy and I hope to make the same trip in the next few years. Regards, Gary McPhee

  4. My pleasure, Gary, and I'm so pleased to hear that he met with Moira. Look forward very much to seeing you over here. Jon