Wednesday, 23 November 2016

November Photography

The best months for photography in this part of the world are October and November. There's something very special about the light, about the low sun and rapidly changing conditions, that can produce some magnificent pictures. This is Loch Sunart soon after dawn, a picture which Sue, a regular Ardnamurchan visitor, took last week.

The trouble with November is that the weather is very unpredictable. As a keen camerawoman, the weather during Sue's stay provided her with what might best be described as 'challenges'. Ardnamurchan, usually relatively free of snow, saw its higher hills given a good covering, and this was mixed in with....

....some very stormy conditions. This is Ardnamurchan Point with a hefty westerly blowing.

But with challenges come opportunities, and the selection of photographs Sue has been kind enough to send the Diary show how they can be seized, even in the rain.

Its variety is one of the joys of this place, so a gale and driving rain can very quickly be followed by brilliant sunshine, in this case lighting up Camas nan Geall and Maclean's Nose, with the remains of the rain in the distance.

At this time of year the last of the autumn leaves and the dead bracken glow once the sun is on them. This is the road out of Kilchoan, where it runs along the edge of Loch Sunart, around the edge of Camas Fearna.

Many thanks to Sue for the pictures.
Sue stayed with the Livetts at The Ruin - link here.


  1. Great photos from Sue. I've taken so many pictures from the same viewpoint as the first one, but none as good as that - must get up earlier on our next visit to The Ruin

  2. Excellent pictures, a certain vibrancy in each one.

  3. I love your stuff Jon, quick question; how is your radio reception over there, esp. Radio Scotland? Reason;My experience is that much of rural Scotland has little or no BBC Radio reception. For example when we go to Kinloch Rannoch where we spend many weeks at Kilvrecht, I have had to contrive a dipole aerial to get even a meagre signal. Cheers. Pete

  4. Radio reception is fine, Pete - but then we do look south at two telecommunications masts. Jon