Thursday, 25 October 2012

What a Difference!

We wondered, this morning when we woke, whether we'd been subjected to some sort of time travel.  Were we in the same place as yesterday, a place of balmy sunshine, Caribbean-blue seas and light breezes?  Instead, we had low, grey cloud from the bottom of which the drizzle threatened, at any minute, to change into snowflakes.  Compared to yesterday's healthy 16C, the midday thermometer struggled to reach 11C.

Happily, as the day progressed the clouds cleared and the sun came out; but, the minute it began to set the temperature dropped drastically, so by the time the sun was going down it had plummeted to 5C.  However, our strawberries, which are still, if it can be believed, trying to flower, had seized the opportunity to ripen a bit further - we managed to pick two for supper tonight....

....and the tomatoes in the greenhouse are still doing very well indeed.

Others who are basking in the sunshine include the Ormsaigbeg Buzzard, pictured here by Tony Kidd sitting on the top of the mast of Trevor Potts' Antarctic boat, the Sir Ernest Shackleton.

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  1. Brilliant picture of the buzzard :)