Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Winter Sunset

After a day of high grey overcast the setting sun finally found a gap through which to shine, and we were treated to a spectacular light show. This is Maclean's Nose with Rubha Aird an Iasgaich in the middle distance and the island of Glas Eilean in the foreground.

As the sunlight spread across the hills, it picked out the houses in Pier Road and ever fold in the slopes of Beinn ne h-Urchrach standing behind them.

Looking straight across Kilchoan Bay from Ormsaigbeg, this picture includes the houses in the centre of Kilchoan and Kilchoan Hotel, and Ardnamurchan Estate land rising to the wooded slopes of Beinn nan Losgann, the green of the woodland almost drowned by the deep orange of the sunset.

A little later the shades deepened further as the shadow of the ridge of Druim na Gearr Leacainn behind Ormsaigbeg began to cut out the sun - and then, as quickly as it had started, the clouds drew across the sun and the show was over.

But.... is that a rainbow of some sort to the right of the picture?

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