Monday, 18 January 2016

Collecting the Newspaper

We don't have our daily paper delivered from the shop so, on days when we're not out and about on other business, we have to collect it; and, as a matter of principle, we always walk. However, it's sometimes difficult to find the motivation to don a full set of waterproofs on a wet day like today for the half-hour excursion, but there's always something to see and, even on the wettest days, an opportunity for a photograph.

These are the small flock of chickens kept on our neighbouring croft who are as genuinely free-range as any chicken can be, but one does wonder....

....what a broken hen's egg is doing some hundred metres down the road beyond the croft. Could it have been a pine marten - we know we have one around - or a fox, and hedgehogs like hen's eggs, but would any of these have rolled it that far before settling down to eat it?

A small flock of up to nine curlews, often accompanied by oystercatchers, are often to be seen in winter feeding in one of the fields along the Ormsaigbeg road, but they usually move away as soon as we appear. As a result, most of my pictures of curlews are distant and of their rear ends. Today they decided to take off.


  1. I enjoy your daily posts, this one especially.
    What a great capture of a rooster, strutting his stuff.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, Rick. Jon