Sunday, 31 January 2016

Power Outage

A small helicopter flew low along the back of the Ormsaigbeg crofts a few minutes ago. Usually such flight are the local electricity company, Scottish and Southern, checking the power lines after an outage.

A few minutes later we had a call from the SSE call centre asking whether we'd been all right through yesterday's power cut - which we had been since, when we built this house, one of its design features was that we should be comfortable during prolonged cuts.

The very pleasant lady told us that the outage had been caused by a lightning strike on the power lines "in a field near Beinn  na Seilg," that the repair had been temporary, and that we are on the mains supply, not on a generator. She warned that it might be necessary to cut the supply again when the full repair is carried out, but she promised they would give us due warning.

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