Monday, 4 January 2016


The unusual easterly wind is now firmly established and likely to stay in that quarter for the next few days, which is bad news for those areas of eastern Scotland which continues to suffer from disastrous floods. For us, it means the air has lost most of its moisture so, while we have some dark clouds, the sun has a chance to show his face.  The results are dramatic. The air is beautifully clear, and the colours seems to burn across the hillsides.

A gaggle of resident greylag geese were sunbathing in the fields of one of the Ormsaigbeg crofts when we walked down to the shop to collect a paper, but they had moved to the adjacent croft when we returned. We suspect that the crofter in the former had moved them on: greylags feed almost entirely on grass, and crofters prefer to keep their grass for their sheep.

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