Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Optimist

This morning saw the first real break in the weather for some weeks, so we took the opportunity to move some of the seaweed we've been brought up into the vegetable garden, and began the task of digging it in to the beds.  By the time we'd finished, this was all that was left to move.

It's always good to have one of the annual heavy jobs nearly done but, as well as all the satisfying hard work, we learned something.  We've been under the impression that it's winter.  From the evidence of....

....this strawberry plant, we're wrong.  It's summer, and to prove it, it's carrying both flowers and fruit.

Would that the little strawberry plant were right.  By mid-afternoon it was raining again, and tomorrow's forecast is for more windy weather.

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  1. From B & GM Ford:

    You have strawberry fruit and flowers, we have two flowers on one of our Camellias! A first for us in Killin, at this time of year. Didn't flower at all last year but was covered with flowers in 2012. Covered in flower buds this year so just hoping the rest don't decide to open as well as these two!