Monday, 6 January 2014

Monster Pothole

We knew we were taking a calculated risk when we downsized from a Freelander to a Hyundai i10, but we never thought the danger might be that the little car would disappear completely into a pothole.

This magnificent specimen of the pothole species is to be found on the Kilchoan-Sonachan road, and it's been growing at an alarming rate, both in width and depth.  In heavy rain and at night it's practically invisible, lying in wait like some terrible monster for the first unwary small car to stray within striking distance.


  1. I would suggest you send the photo to HC, and also include the stretch on Pier Road south of the Centre, and the stretch between Ian Ramon and Hughie's. They are growing fast and will soon catch up with that one.

  2. At the other end of this peninsular the crumbling "dirt" road along from the Arivigaig turn through Kentra to the Newton turn should amuse budding archeologists also. The methods used for its construction are visible... layer by layer !

  3. God help anyone riding a bike in the dark they would end up in hospital after landing in one of these craters.