Tuesday, 7 January 2014

An Appeal from the Community Council

West Ardnamurchan's Community Council meets on the first Monday of every month, and its deliberations are probably one of the best examples of democracy in action anywhere in the world.  The elected representatives take the decisions - occasionally there's a formal vote - but anyone who comes along can speak.  Despite the fact that some of the things that are discussed are very serious - a good example is the ongoing saga of medical provision on the peninsula - it's also a very enjoyable hour or so, because, wherever possible, Chairman Rosie Curtis ensures that there's plenty of opportunity for laughter.

As well as the NHS and other matters, last night's meeting discussed the state of the roads, highlighting not only the monster pothole on the Sonachan road but the state of the roads by the Sanna turn in the village and along Pier Road, and the problems of flooding on roads whose drainage hasn't been cleared in years - the Ormsaigbeg road, above, was quoted as one of the worst.

The Council's members do a huge amount for the community but, occasionally, they do feel the need to appeal for help.  At last night's meeting Secretary Jac Crosbie described the Community Transport Vehicle Fund, a one-off Scottish Government initiative that could provide the community with a brand new bus at virtually no cost - BUT it needs someone to research the opportunity and, if it is felt we should go ahead, push through our application.  The matter is urgent as applications close on 31st January.  If anyone feels they would be prepared to help, please contact Jac at wacckilchoan@yahoo.co.uk

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