Sunday, 5 January 2014

Eagles Over Ormsaigbeg

We'd seen a pair of golden eagles over the house in the morning but, when we set off for Portuairk in the early afternoon, we noticed that the gulls were making excited noises along the Ormsaigbeg shore beyond Trevor Potts' campsite.  The object of their anger was a sea eagle, spotted by Rachael as we passed Port Bheag, sitting on a seaweed-covered rock.  This picture isn't terrible good - there was a flurry trying to find cameras, and then the Diary made the mistake of holding the camera against the door pillar with the engine running, which provided an ideally shaky support.

Fortunately, Ben McKeown was on hand to take rather better shots as the eagle took off, pursued by the hooded crow which can be seen in the top picture sitting within feet of him, and by.... of the gulls.  By this time we'd noticed he was carrying something in his talons, but.... he set off down the coast with a mob of birds on his heels, he dropped whatever he was carrying, probably a fish, in order to make his escape.

Many thanks to Ben McKeown for the pictures.
Ben's website is at

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  1. can you point out where port bheag is in ormsaigbeg, new one on us, the few natives left?