Monday, 6 January 2014

An Old Fish Box

Kilchoan Early Bird has sent in this picture of an old fish box which he found along Ormsaigbeg underneath a large rock.  For some it will bring back memories of the days when fish boxes were made out of wood and belonged to individual trawlers, rather than the plastic versions we find washed up along the shore these days.  But the Early Bird has gone further, looking up the Inverness-registered trawler MV Harmony INS 257 on the internet.  The reference he has found is on the Resources for Learning in Scotland site, and describes the Scottish fishing industry in the 1970s.  Go to the link here, and the MV Harmony is the green boat about half way down the page.  There's another picture of her on the Trawler Photos site, here, showing her on a slipway at Buckie.  From both these sites there's evidence that she used to fish in west coast waters.

Many thanks to Kilchoan Early Bird for picture and story.

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  1. I remember these well, they were plentiful after the winter storms, good fire wood.
    Now beach combing is mainly assorted plastic junk, old shoes and aerosol cans,
    Still find fishing floats, they're now plastic too, not cork, glass or metal.