Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Recycling with a View

Nothing in Kilchoan is ordinary, and its Recycling Centre is no exception. For a start, while most such centres conjure the idea of dim, dirty work environments, Kilchoan's has the most wonderful view across the Sound of Mull to Morvern and Mull.

The centre is run by Davie Ferguson. He deals on-site with paper, cardboard, newspapers, packaging such as tetrapaks, cans, scrap metal, household furnishings, electrical goods, batteries, white goods such as washing machines and fridges, used oil, paint and, at the facility by the fire station, bottles and clothing. In fact, Davie deals with just about everything except builders' rubble and plastic - and he'd like to take plastic but Highland Council, at present, can't cope with it.

The blue plastic boxes which, with the help of Alayne and Gillespie Cameron, are collected weekly door-to-door from all over West Ardnamurchan, are sorted, the contents packaged, and then Davie takes it to Claggan, by Fort William. All Kilchoan's recycled material is weighed there before being moved on to Perth, while the contents of the black bin bags are compacted and removed by lorry. Davie says that Kilchoan does extremely well in the proportion of waste it manages to recycle.

Electrical goods such as computers, televisions, video and DVD players go quite separately in this container and are broken up for recycling.

The Centre is open to the public every Wednesday from 12 midday to 1.00pm. Full details here.

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