Sunday, 25 July 2010

Jaws off Ardnamurchan Point

Visitors to Ardnamurchan Point Lighthouse yesterday were stunned to see a French diver take to the waters to swim with three basking sharks that were feeding close to the Point.

The largest shark was some 10m (30ft) long....

....and passed within inches of the swimmer.

These fantastic photos were taken by Eilidh Dewar who works at the Lighthouse. She ran to the top of the Lighthouse - up 152 steps and two steel ladders - to take them.

Davie Ferguson, who manages the Lighthouse Visitors' Centre, said, "It's a great year for basking sharks. We've seen as many as nine at one time swimming off the Point, and we watch seals, sea otters and minke whales regularly."

The Lighthouse website is here.

Many thanks to Eilidh and Davie for pictures and story.

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