Friday, 26 February 2010

Wind and Snow

A view across Kilchoan Bay to Ben Hiant, in shades of grey and white, gives a good idea of how bleak things are here.

While we haven't had the snow that has paralysed parts of the east of Scotland, it has settled and drifted above the 100m contour. To the south of us, the A884 between Strontian and Lochaline was impassable this morning and walking anywhere is an unpleasant business in a continuing northeaster blowing Force 5 and bitterly cold.

This photograph, taken from the west end of Ormsaigbeg, looks across the township's fields towards Kilchoan, with the bulk of snow-covered Glash Bheinn in the background.

Despite the weather of the last two days, CalMac's little Raasay has been plying between Tobermory and Kilchoan. This is the 11 o'clock sailing from Tobermory arriving at Mingary Pier, but with everyone keeping indoors she didn't have much trade: one man disembarked, and one Kilchoan villager boarded her to go to the dentist. Mingary Castle can be seen in the left background.

We've had enough of this weather.

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