Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Primary School Prizegiving

Last Wednesday, Kilchoan Primary School had its annual prizegiving, which took place in the Parish Church.  These pictures were taken by proud grandfather Ritchie Dinnes.  His first picture shows all but one of the Primary children, plus two from the Nursery section.

The school choir performed.  They won second prize at the recent Gaelic mod at Strontian, quite an achievement for such a small school.

A recital was given by the school's fiddle players.

Two students graduated from Nursery to Primary School, but one was unable to attend the ceremony.

 Head teacher Lynne McLuckie is shown in these pictures presenting....

....two awards from the Strontian mod.

It would be wonderful to have been able to name the students in these pictures but Highland Council rules forbid it.  Anyway, congratulations to all of them.

Many thanks to Ritchie for pictures and words.

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