Saturday, 19 July 2014

More and More Pigs

The other day, Betsy arrived back in her field with her eight new piglets.  It seemed that Hughie had moved her outdoors rather earlier than usual but now the reason has become apparent: he's away on holiday in the South of France on his new super yacht, the Betsy & Bobby, leaving his sister Nan and, when she can't do it, the Diary to look after the pigs.  The Diary fed them this morning.  The piglets aren't eating solid food yet, so alternated between playing in what Betsy was trying to eat....

....and feeding at the other end of the milk machine.

As if having piglets in the field opposite, with all the usual prospects of their escaping and threatening to eat our garden, the usually very friendly crofters on the other side of the house, who recently bought Dusty, have....

.... now gone out and bought two more pigs, both, we fear, sows.  So we're increasingly surrounded by pigs, pigs and more pigs.

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  1. Really enjoy the blog, especially the pig posts!!