Thursday, 17 September 2015

Stag Spectacle

We're used to coming across the occasional stag on our walks but usually they're single, or in small bachelor groups, or with females. Nothing can describe our surprise when, on a recent walk, a forest of antlers appeared over a hill.

To our amazement, they kept coming, twenty, thirty, forty.... we lost count at fifty-three.

In the story books, red stags are lone, wily animals, using every trick they can to outwit the huntsmen and their dogs. These were more like....

....sheep, in the way they bunched up, then, when one of them took fright....

....all streaming off up the next hillside.  In fact, a couple of sheep got caught up in all the excitement, but couldn't take the pace.

We didn't move.  We sat and watched as they climbed higher and higher, until....

....they reached the top of the hill, stopped for a moment to look down on us, and then disappeared.


  1. WOW.
    Thank you for that !

  2. brilliant pictures!

  3. John, counting Stags is easy, simply count the legs and divide by 4.

    Alasdair Thornton