Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Beautiful, Warm Day

We're enjoying what is probably the best spell of weather this year, with today's temperature soaring to 23C and hardly a cloud in the sky all day.

This picture, taken from near the old coastguard lookout point near Portuairk by Kilchoan Early Bird,  looking southwestwards across Bay MacNeil towards Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse, shows last night's sunset.

The night was beautifully clear, giving the Raptor the chance to take this superb picture of the moon a day after full.

This picture was taken from our bedroom window just before six this morning, and this was the real colour along the horizon: the camera, in this case at least, did not lie. To put it simply, the sunrise was spectacular, with the colours....

....shading upwards from fiery reds and yellows into the last charcoals of night.  Look closely at the top right corner of this picture and find the morning star, Venus, which is, at present, exceptionally bright in the early morning sky.

By eight in the morning tendrils of mist were forming across the low, marshy land between Pier Road and the sea but they didn't last long, the sun....

....burning them off and then, as it rose higher, sparkling off the sea. This picture shows CalMac's Clansman passing the entrance to Tobermory Bay.

While some flying ants appeared yesterday, several nests were active in today's warmth, giving the small birds a welcome change of diet.

The heat reduced the local pig population to a state of sociable somnolence, while....

....Bandit the cat found a warm spot in the vegetable garden in which to doze.

The only beings who seemed driven to violent activity were the two ladies of our household who took to the waters for an early evening swim - and emerged mildly surprised at how warm the sea still is.

Many thanks to Kilchoan Early Bird and the Raptor for their pictures.

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  1. I've got that 'yearning for the highlands' feeling!
    Superb photograph of the Moon, Raptor.