Tuesday, 29 September 2015

High Tide

Once the sun had risen enough to recover from its early morning excitement, the sky seemed to fill with contrails, as if every airliner was intent on passing over our heads. The sky then cleared....

....to give us a gloriously sunny day - picture shows the croft house called Glas Eilean in Ormsaigbeg, with the peaks of Torr na Moine and Beinn na Seilg rising behind it.

Into the blue sky sailed three sea eagles, moving along Ormsaigbeg from east to west. Several people have commented on how many of these magnificent birds there are around at the moment.

By lunch time the tide was low, so Glas Eilean was surrounded by a skirt of kelp and completely connected to the land.

Tonight, according to the Tobermory tide timetables and confirmed on other sites, we have another exceptionally high tide at 5.2m, though there are some in the community who debate whether such a height is possible without Mull floating away into the Atlantic.

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