Sunday, 20 January 2013

Parish Church Appeal

From Rev. Fiona Ogg:

A time to keep?
Time to throw away

(Ecclesiastes 3:6)

What’s the point of this building? Would it be missed?

Is the building only important because it is where weddings and funerals take place?

Ardnamurchan Parish Church urgently needs considerable restoration to continue its existence. To be blunt, if work is not undertaken soon the building will be unusable and have to close. 

Those involved in maintaining the building would like to know what you think and if you could help.

Is the building important enough to the community to make it worthwhile starting a fund raising campaign to restore it? 

Details of the costs will be published soon, but advice is that it would cost over £100,000 to make the building weatherproof alone.

Would you please let us know by the end of February by filling in the downloadable form and returning it to one of the boxes in the church, the Community Centre or the shop, or by using the links at the bottom of this entry.  Further, any Comments posted to this blog entry will be forwarded to Fiona.

To download the form, click here

Fiona Ogg
Acharacle and Ardnamurchan Parish Churches
(Scottish Charity Numbers: SC002916 and 030394)
Acharacle, Argyll PH36 4JU


  1. If the local community vote for keeping this church open, then I for one would like to support the appeal.

    Would it be a good idea to start a separate appeal for 'outsiders' who love the area to contribute, if it is decided that it is something that should be kept.

    I would not want to vote on the form as to whether it should be kept as I do not live in the area.

    1. Having two separate appeals is a horrendous idea.

      However in todays world where Religion is not as strong in our modern society, (cliche as it may be) this would be a beautiful b&b or a family home.