Wednesday, 8 August 2012


From Julie Allcock:

Amongst the 30 to 40 sparrows we currently have resident at Far View Campsite we are frequently seeing a little fair golden coloured one. We have nicknamed her Blondie.

Have any blog readers ever come across a blonde sparrow before or is it something else that has just tagged along perhaps? We are very curious about her.

According to RSPB Scotland it could be a Leucistic Sparrow - something to do with pigment cells not forming properly.

The Diary has seen the same, or a related sparrow in a large flock near Craigard croft in Ormsaigbeg.  If it's the same one, then local sparrow flocks travel long distances in their search for food.


  1. Blondie also visits us at no 3 each morning, its a well fed bird.

  2. Dave McFadzean Moniaive13 August 2012 at 07:50

    Yep, leucism seems the probable answer to goldie's hue. Down here for years we have had white redshank. At Caerlaverock they have a white chaffinch and in Galloway I have seen a braw white buzzard.