Thursday, 29 March 2012

School Treasure Hunt

Each year Kilchoan Primary School runs a Treasure Hunt. All the children, including those from the Nursery section, accompanied by teachers, parents, grandparents, babies and dogs, cross the peninsula to the beautiful area round Fascadale. First picture shows head teacher Lynne McLuckie organising the children.

The children then spread out to find the treasure....

....disappearing into the woods. The children were wearing their 'Cycling Scotland' yellow jackets, so they were easier to find again.

As well as a treasure hunt, it's a health day, emphasising both the physical value and the pleasure of walking in Ardnmurchan's countryside. And they chose a perfect day for it, as yesterday the temperature soared to 18C.

Many thanks to Helen Ferguson and Ritchie Dinnes for the pictures.

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