Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The First....

The first blossom has appeared on the old damson trees along the roadside by Achnashee croft...,

....and we've planted the first vegetables outdoors, in the beds we fertilized with seaweed back in January - account here. It's early to be planting anything outside but the weather is so good, with the temperature at midday today 18C, and yesterday evening a balmy 12C at 8.00pm, that we couldn't resist it.

Meanwhile, aerial combat took place this morning in the skies over The Ferry Stores, as two hooded crows tried to see off a raven.

And last night the youthful Ricky Clark celebrated his 50th birthday.


  1. Dave McFadzean - Moniaive27 March 2012 at 17:07

    Jon, please pass on belated birthday greetings tae Ricky the Raptor. Fae Dave and Jan.

  2. Ricky 50?? Surely not!! Hope you had a great birthday, Ricky, and here's to the next half century :-) Best wishes from John & Andrea

  3. Hope Ricky's left some of that cake for me when I visit next week ;-)