Saturday, 31 March 2012

The First....

The first butterflies have been around for about a week, ever since the weather picked up. The earliest seemed very nervous and difficult to approach close enough to get a picture, but this afternoon, with the wind round in the north and bright sunshine again after a couple of days of grey drizzle, this peacock was more settled.

A recent arrival are a pair of shelduck which are currently on the pond close to The Ferry Stores. It may be the same pair as we had here last year, who managed to raise a brood out in Kilchoan Bay. With them around the pond yesterday afternoon were half a dozen greylag geese and a heron (top right in picture).

At some point the geese moved into the field where Nan MacLachlan has her lambs. One of the older lambs seemed to be enjoying himself chasing after the new arrivals.

Meanwhile, with everything still very dry despite two damp days, some people were out setting fire to piles of brushwood which have been lying around through the winter. This bonfire became so hot that we couldn't approach within twenty metres of it. The man in charge here is a member of Kilchoan Fire Brigade, so The Diary was very confident he knew what he was doing.

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