Sunday, 25 March 2012

The First....

A warm welcome back to the first pied wagtail of the spring. Wagtails move south during the winter, spending the colder months either in the southern half of the UK, or crossing the Channel to France.

This character was spotted on a dry-stone wall below Grianan in Ormsaigmore.

A much less warm welcome to the first adder of the year, lying in a run through thick heather just to the north of Loch Mudle. He was about two foot long, and so wonderfully camouflaged that he was nearly trodden on.

Fortunately, as it was only ten in the morning and the sun only just warming him, he was so torpid he made no attempt to strike.


  1. What a great snake photo, Jon. One to add to the collection! I'll look out for more when the family comes to Kilchoan in July.

    1. hope you dont get bitten as i did and landed up in hospital if you see one put your boot on it