Saturday, 23 February 2013

Luck Strikes Twice

Sometimes, just sometimes, luck seems to less to smile on us than grin from ear to ear.  The other day we were making our way up a pretty burn on Ardnamurchan Estate land, well away from the road and from any chance of encountering other humans, when we spotted this fox.  He stood, looking at us as if to say, "What the heck are you doing here disturbing me?" while we stood and looked at him.  Very, very slowly, I got the camera out and snapped his portrait.

Two minutes later, as we climbed towards the top of the glen, we looked up and....

....saw this magnificent beast.  If ever an animal had attitude, this red deer stag had it.  He stared down his nose at us as, once again, hardly daring to move, the camera was retrieved from where it had just been re-stowed and, praying he wouldn't move, I slowly lifted it and added his portrait to that of the fox.  Then we stood and watched him in awe until, with immense dignity, he turned away and disappeared over the brow of the hill....  while we, equally slowly, exhaled a "Wow!" of wonder.


  1. Old dog fox I'd say

  2. The only old dog foxes round here are on two legs!! This looks like a young female by the markings.