Monday, 22 May 2017

First Sign of Summer

From our Marine Salvage Correspondent:
For some it’s the first swallow, for others it’s the arrival of the midges, but in Kilchoan the first sign that it’s summer is another boat coming off its mooring. And so it was on Friday morning when Justin and Alastair arrived for work in the bay to see a RIB had gone ashore and put the call out for help in recovering it.

 Luckily the hull was not too damaged and so it was stabilised while the tide came in.

A line was attached from Justin’s boat and it was floated off and towed back to the mooring and secured.

For the many people who moor their boat in the bay, whether on a permanent or visitor mooring, it’s good to know that any problems are quickly spotted and help is near at hand.

Many thanks to Chris Gane for pictures & story.

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