Friday, 5 May 2017


From Dale Meegan:
In 2014 the unique and valuable marine diversity of Loch Sunart and the Sound of Mull led to the Scottish Government designating them as nature conservation Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). A new community group based on these marine coastal areas is being set up. Its aim is to develop our understanding of the marine environment and to encourage everyone to value and manage it in a sustainable way. This may be through local fishing practices or while enjoying leisure activities, for example diving, cruising, sailing. We have already taken steps in Kilchoan with the recent beach clean-up but there is much more we can learn and do to help protect our special coastal area.

The new group is called CAOLAS* (The Community Association of Lochs and Sounds) and to set the ball rolling there will be a series of public illustrated talks which will be given by Dr Mark Woombs entitled What is so special about Loch Sunart and the Sound of Mull?

The Kilchoan talk is scheduled for Wednesday 10 May at 7.30pm in the Kilchoan Learning Centre.

There's more about Loch Sunart here or for more information please contact Alasdair Firth or Dale Meegan at

* CAOLAS is Gaelic for a narrow neck of water

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  1. Should be a very interesting evening. Will the talks by Dr Woombs be recorded and available on CDs or downloads? I would expect to pay a donation for the privilege.