Tuesday, 21 September 2010

More about Murphy

Murphy used to own the Ardnamurchan Natural History Centre at Glen More, where his live-in staff included Liz and Ritchie Dinnes who kept him in fine food and comfort by running the Centre for him. He has a brother, Henry, shown below, who now owns a large area of Ardnamurchan Estate and employs Ricky Clark as his personal man-servant.

Murphy and Henry originally came as kittens from the Cats' Protection League in Acharacle. At first they both lived at Glen More, where they became very popular with visitors. One of their favourite ploys was to encourage Ritchie and Liz to sell the visitors carrot cake which the visitors then fed to the cats - a perfect example of having your cake and eating it.

Unlike most cats, the brothers have no fear of dogs, so the Centre never had any problem with obstreperous pooches. Sadly, this included the Dinnes' two dogs who sulked when the cats were around so, finding these dogs too boring, the brothers sacked Ritchie and Liz, sold the Centre, and moved on, Murphy buying Steading Holidays, where he now employs John and Jacqui Chapple.

When you think that these two fine felines arrived on West Ardnamurchan as penniless kittens and now own, between them, Steading Holidays and a goodly share of Ardnamurchan Estate, this is a wonderful story of rags to riches.

Many thanks to Ritchie and Ricky for story and pictures. An earlier story about Murphy is here.


  1. Hi there!
    Just a wee note to say what a pair of lovely cats these are! I remember seeing Henry when he was very small at the history center... we didnt leave for a long, long time! If anyone sees them soon, give them both a big hug from Becky Erskine, Perth xxx
    ps. Kilchoan is the best place in the whole world and i really want to live there someday

  2. excellent!- have had the honour of meeting murphy and tickling his tum!

  3. I love the way the activities of the cats are described. The style reminds me of "A cat's guide to England" by Pat Albeck - A real cat lover.

  4. I love the way the nature of cats is described here. It reminds me of "A Cat's Guide to England" by Pat Albeck" one of my favourites and quite funny in places.