Saturday 23 April 2016

The Ardnamurchan Tortoise

I was in the pub the other day with two archaeologists from Archaeology Scotland when we were asked by Iain MacPhail whether we had seen the Ardnamurchan Tortoise, a stone monument not too distant from Achnaha. We hadn't and, I confess, rather doubted Iain's story, so he has sent a picture of the tortoise.

He writes, "The Ardnamurchan Tortoise is significant even to this day as commemorating the toil of those who have moved to the peninsula and their sedate way of life."  He further suggests that the tortoise should be adopted as the emblem of Ardnamurchan in place of the golden eagle.

It's a pity that the people from Archaeology Scotland have gone as Iain may be quite right about its archaeological significance.

Many thanks to Iain for picture & story.

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  1. Its about time MaPhail came out of his shell.